What To Do With Pulp From Juicer | 10 Creative Ways

What to do with pulp from juicer is the issue we now embark on and belabor in its finest details.

Juicing entails the extraction of the juice from the succulent fruits and vegetables and leaving behind some pulp. It is the exercise that enables us to derive the drinks which we subsequently make good use of to nourish our bodies. After the juicing exercise, there is the issue of the pulp to contend with.

In the proceeding segments of our discussions, we are going to first examine the process of juicing. We shall also go ahead to explain the many uses to which you may devote the pulp at the conclusion of the extraction exercise.

Juicing Process

juicing process

The process of juicing, as has already been hinted above, entails the extraction of the juices from the fruits, vegetables, and other succulents. In the course of doing this, the minerals and the vitamins also come out as a byproduct. The end result of this is the pulp that has to be disposed of.

Generally, a juicer, which is a specialized appliance is extensively used. The appliance makes use of a motor to generate the torque that subsequently crashes the ingredients finely. Many other approaches may also be used to tackle the same task overall.

What To Do With Pulp From Juicer

Below are some things you may do with the juicer:

#1 Manufacture the Pulp Crackers

Pulp crackers are crunchy snacks that are full of antioxidants and vitamins. They make the immune system stronger and also keep you feeling full. To make these crackers, you may have to expend some expertise and also use only the specialized pieces of instruments to do the job.

#2 Convert to a Dip

Consider converting these pulps to a dip. The dips do have the distinctive capability of upping your intakes of vegetables. To make this dip, you will have to employ the cheese yogurt, and some vegetable pulp together with some spices. The mixing proper entails some employment of great patience and expertise.

#3 Prepare the Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are stashes of freshwater that is hardened typically by way of cooling the same. To make these ice cubes, you have to mix the pulp with freshwater and stir thoroughly. Then, leave the mixture to settle for some time after which are to place the same in the deep freezer section of your fridge.

#4 Supplement the Baked Foods

When baking, you also want to make your recipes richer in nutrients and flavor. That is something you do by supplementing the pulp with the ingredients that make the entire bakery set up. You may for instance swap the butter and the oils with the pulp.

#5 Add some Life to your Smoothies

The leftover pulp may also serve as the enhancement of your smoothies and fruit salads. When appropriately mixed with your fruits, milkshakes, or vegetables, this one gives rise to the consistent outcomes that are great to taste and swallow. The pulp also adds some nutrients as you move along.

#6 Enrich your Scrambled Eggs

Are you a fan of scrambled eggs? Yet again, you have the pulp for your own consideration and ultimate use. The pulp, when added to the scrambled eggs, serve to add some nutrients and roughage to the entire ingredient mix. You may make good use of the same for your breakfasts as they do well there.

#7 Enrich your Broth

Have some soup which you want to make thicker? Yet again, the pulp will come in handy for your own use and engagement. The pulp in this sense adds some flavor and roughage to the entire broth. It also serves to enhance the flavor of the entire broth. Only be careful to employ the right pulp for the right broth.

#8 Use as Humus

Just in case you do not have any food in mind, you may also use the pulp as humus. In this sense, you place the pulp in the soil and let it decompose naturally. In the course of decomposing, the pulp adds some fertility to the soil and makes it better suited for the proper growth of the plants.

#9 Employ in the Seedbed

Other than the raw fields you may also use the pulp in the seedbed. In this sense, you use them to nurture the small plants and seedlings in their initial stages of growth and development. In this sense, you will yet again enjoy the benefit of more fertile soils to leverage and ultimately make do with.

#10 Grow Mushrooms

It is no secret that mushrooms do well where there is plenty of organic content. The organic contents give the mushrooms the fertility they need to thrive to their maximum stature and level. You will need some controlled environments to make the pulp discharge their roles in this case.


Needless to say, there are countless ways and means through which the pulps may be used. The ones we have belabored above are hence not exhaustive. What does that mean? You should seek other innovative alternative ways to employ the pulp in case you find our list above unsatisfactory.

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