Juicing Vs Blending [Which Is The Best 1?]

Juicing vs Blending which one to choose? Have some fruits from which you want to derive some values and nutrients? You have two options to pursue to accrue these two ends. These are the juicing and the blending respectively. But which of these two is the better option? What do they entail and how is the resultant pulp handled?

These are not questions we cannot just answer straight like that. They demand some in-depth and thorough examinations. Our explanations and peek into these twin methods here below exist to do just that. How about you taking the time to read through to obtain the inspiration you need?



Juicing is the process of extracting the liquid contents from the fruits, nuts, vegetables, and other succulent ingredients. It often entails stripping away the solid matter, typically the exterior of these ingredients to leave behind the fleshy and juicy interior. Then, it channels the fruit outputs to some collecting containers.

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Dissolved Minerals

The processes of the juicing retain the nutrients in their dissolved rather than the raw or the solid forms. The arrangement allows for smoother and more convenient dispensation of these minerals whenever and wherever the same may have to be channeled.

Faster Absorption

On the whole, the fresh juices that are dissolved tend to be faster to absorb in the body compared to those that are in the solid forms. Liquids flow smoothly and unhindered in the digestive systems as opposed to the solid and the thick matter that has to be broken down first and foremost.

Expedited Cooling and Storage

A juice output may be cooled and stored for easy future access and retrieval. This feat may never be easily achieved or attained by other approaches, especially the blending. With expedited cooling and storage comes the added benefit of simplified use. Chilled apple juice give you high level refreshment and energy.

juicing recipes for weight loss
Juicing recipes for weight loss

Simpler to carry out

Compared to the blending, juicing is simpler to carry out. Additionally, it does not require the use of heavy machinery or excessively high utility expenses. By choosing to have your ingredients juiced, you stand to save a bit of your time and effort not to mention not expending an excessive amount of effort.

Longer shelf life

Juices tend to have a longer shelf life than the blended fruits and vegetables. Their lack of fibers and other dissolved solids diminishes the likelihood of having to go bad too soon. As a matter of fact, you may even store your juice outside a refrigerator but still retain the freshness.


Lack of Fiber

Juices, unlike the blended fruits, lack the fiber contents. They are hence more difficult to break down. On the same note, they also do not play any role insofar as expediting the breakdown of the foods and other vital ingredients in the body is concerned.

Less Healthy

Their lack of insoluble fiber and roughage contents make them less healthy. They as a matter of fact give you the craving to eat more and more thanks to the limited amount of fiber. You might want to stay away from them if you are intent on cutting down your weight or fighting metabolic disorders.

juicing for weight loss
Juicing for weight loss

Higher Sugar Contents

Yet again when compared to the blended fruits, the sugar contents of the liquid juices are higher. That is not as great as it predisposes you to the risk of diabetes, high blood sugar levels, and the damages to the interior organs of the body.


Blending entails the mixing of numerous kinds of fruits and leafy vegetables at a time by the use of a specialized machine called a blender. The resultant effect is called the smoothie and it has a thicker volume than that of the normal juice outcomes.


Higher Fiber Contents

The resultant smoothie will usually have a higher fiber content than that of the juices that are derived from the same fruits. This high fiber content is responsible for many of the health benefits like expedited digestion and a healthier gut, to name but a few!

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Faster to Carryout

A typical blending session is ordinarily faster to carry out owing to the need to only mix the fruits and pound the same for the attainment of the necessary ends. Unlike the juicing, it does not go beyond the mixing to extract the liquid contents from the nutrients.

Aids in Digestion

Other than merely satisfying your hunger, the smoothie will also aid in the digestion of food. This is mainly brought about by the fact that the items do have a higher percentage of fiber and roughage that greatly assist in the breakdown of the foods.

Suppresses Cravings

Its high fiber content will work to suppress the cravings in the sense of making your stomach appear to be full all the while. With the suppressed cravings comes the added benefit of not having to eat every now and then. This way, you stay away from the likelihood of constipating or bloating.

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Mixes many raw fruits

Unlike juicing, the blending exercise typically entails the use of many fruits and vegetables at a time. That gives you a vast array of nutrients to tap into. Then again it helps you to stay healthier and well taken good care of as pertains to the matters of health.


Impeded Absorption

All factors taken into consideration, the smoothie is not really easy to absorb in the body. It demands that the enzymes act on the foods taken first before the same might be flushed out into the digestive system for the sake of subsequent absorption.

Quite Dirty

The process of blending is a dirty one as it tends to leave behind an excessively high level of debris. Then again, most blenders do stick and retain some residual contents of the juices. This yet again makes the task of the cleansing of the containers used harder.

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Higher Utility Expenses

A typical blending session is tougher and strenuous to undertake. To carry it out, you will generally have to expend a higher level of utility expense. With these high expenses come to a similarly high utility bill on your part. The costly nature may not always be tenable in the long run.


All fruits and green veggies have some fiber content. How the fiber is handled in either instance is however totally distinct and different from each other. The juicing process removes almost all the fiber from the ingredients that are stashed in the juicer. As for the blending, it retains some fiber contents in the final smoothie outcome.


We bring an end to our peek into the juicing and blending topic. We are now confident that you have the preparedness you need to appreciate and ultimately undertake these two issues perfectly. What else are you waiting for? Move with haste now to implement the provisions you have generously received from us!

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