How Much Brisket For 8 Adults

Assuming you would like a general answer: A whole brisket typically weighs between 10 and 20 pounds. For eight adults, you would want to purchase at least a 12 pound brisket.

12 Brisket Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

When you’re planning a barbecue, one of the first questions is how much meat to buy. This can be tricky, especially when it comes to something like brisket, which is notoriously difficult to estimate. The good news is that there are some general guidelines you can follow to make sure you have enough for everyone.

As a rule of thumb, plan on about 1/2 pound of brisket per person. This will give you plenty for sandwiches and other dishes without leaving your guests feeling stuffed. If you’re serving sides or appetizers, you may want to adjust this down slightly.

And if you know your group loves their BBQ, err on the side of more rather than less! Now that you know how much brisket to buy, it’s time to start thinking about your other menu items. Sides like coleslaw or potato salad are always popular choices, and don’t forget the fixings for your sandwiches!

Pickles, onions, and BBQ sauce are all must-haves. With a little planning ahead, you can throw an epic barbecue that everyone will love – including the leftovers.

How Much Brisket for 10 Adults

When planning a brisket dinner for 10 adults, you’ll need about 5 pounds of meat. This will allow each person to have a generous portion, with some leftovers for sandwiches or other dishes. If you’re feeding a group of hearty appetites, you may want to add an additional pound or two to your shopping list.

Brisket is a relatively inexpensive cut of meat, so it’s easy to stock up if you have the freezer space. When cooking brisket, remember that it’s a tough cut of meat that benefits from slow cooking. Plan on at least 3-4 hours in the oven or smoker, depending on the size of your roast.

Keep an eye on the internal temperature and remove the meat from the heat when it reaches 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow the brisket to rest for 20-30 minutes before slicing into it. This will help ensure that all those delicious juices stay locked inside the meat.

Serve with your favorite barbecue sauce and sides like coleslaw or potato salad. Enjoy!

1 Pound of Beef Brisket Feeds How Many

When it comes to feeding a crowd, beef brisket is always a good option. But how much do you need to make sure everyone gets their fair share? Here’s a guide to help you figure out how many people 1 pound of beef brisket will feed.

On average, 1 pound of beef brisket will yield about 3-4 servings. This means that if you’re looking to feed a group of 10-12 people, you’ll need to purchase 3-4 pounds of beef brisket. Of course, the amount each person eats will vary depending on their appetite, so it’s always best to err on the side of caution and prepare a little extra just in case.

When cooking beef brisket, there are two things to keep in mind in order to ensure that it turns out juicy and delicious. First, be sure not to overcook the meat – no one likes dry brisket! Second, make use of thefat cap on top of the meat.

This fatty layer helps protect the meat from drying out during cooking, so be sure not to trim it off before cooking. By following these simple tips, you can be confident that your beef brisket will be enjoyed by all who have the pleasure of tasting it!

How Much Brisket Per Person Kg

When planning a barbecue, one of the key things to consider is how much brisket to buy. This can be tricky, as there are a lot of variables to consider such as the number of people attending, how many other dishes will be served and whether or not leftovers are desired. A good rule of thumb is 1/2 pound (0.225 kg) of brisket per person if it is the only meat being served.

If there are other meats or sides, you can reduce this amount to 1/3 or even 1/4 pound (0.113-0.114 kg) per person. And finally, if you want leftovers or plan to serve sandwiches the next day, aim for 3/4 pound (0.340 kg) per person. Now that you have a general idea of how much brisket to buy, let’s talk about some other important factors in choosing the right cut of meat.

First, decide what type of brisket you want: flat cut or point cut? Flat cut briskets are leaner and easier to slice while point cuts have more marbling and flavor but can be more difficult to carve. Once you’ve selected your brisket, it’s time to pick the perfect size for your needs.

A good rule of thumb is 1/2 pound (0.225 kg) per adult for smaller gatherings and 3/4 pound (0.340 kg) per adult for larger events like weddings or family reunions where leftovers are expected. But ultimately, it’s up to you decide how much meat you need based on your specific event!

How Much Brisket for 4 Adults

When deciding how much brisket to buy for 4 adults, a good rule of thumb is to plan on 1/2 pound per person. This will ensure that everyone has enough to eat and there are leftovers. Brisket is a great option for feeding a crowd because it is relatively inexpensive and can be cooked ahead of time.

Plus, it’s delicious!

How Much Brisket for 6 Adults

When it comes to planning a menu for a large group, there are always a few key questions that need to be answered. How much food do I need? What will everyone like?

And, perhaps most importantly, how do I make sure there’s enough for everyone without going overboard (and wasting food)? If you’re serving up brisket, those same questions apply. Here’s a quick guide to help you figure out how much brisket you’ll need to feed 6 adults.

First, decide what type of brisket you’ll be making. Are you smoking it? Grilling it?

Braising it? The cooking method will affect the amount of meat you’ll need. For example, if you’re smoking brisket, plan on 1/2 pound per person (1 pound if they’re big eaters).

If you’re grilling or braising, 1 pound per person should be plenty. Next, think about how your guests will want their brisket cooked. Some people prefer leaner slices while others go for the fatty end.

Keep this in mind when estimating how much meat to buy – leaner cuts will yield less meat than fattier ones. Finally, take into account any other dishes you’ll be serving with the brisket. If it’s just a main course with no sides, then err on the side of buying more rather than less (nobody likes running out of food!).

But if there are other hearty dishes being served alongside the brisket – like potatoes or mac and cheese – then you can get away with buying less meat overall. So there you have it! A few simple tips to help make sure your next event is well-fed and happy without any wasted leftovers.

15 Lb Brisket Feeds How Many

When it comes to feeding a large group of people, a 15 lb brisket is the perfect option. This size of brisket will feed approximately 20-25 people. If you are looking to feed a larger group of people, you may want to consider purchasing a larger size brisket.

How Much Brisket to Feed 70

When it comes to feeding a large group, you can never go wrong with brisket. But how much brisket should you make to feed 70 people? Here’s a handy guide to help you out.

For 70 people, you’ll need about 28 pounds of raw brisket. This will yield approximately 21 pounds of cooked meat, which is enough for 18-21 sandwiches or tacos. If you’re serving this as part of a larger meal, plan on 3/4 to 1 pound of meat per person.

When cooking brisket, always allow for at least 1 hour per pound. So if you have a 28-pound brisket, plan on cooking it for at least 28 hours. For best results, cook your brisket low and slow – around 225 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.

And be sure to wrap it in foil or butcher paper after 4-5 hours of cooking to prevent it from drying out. With these tips in mind, you’re ready to tackle feeding a large group with ease!

1/2 Lb Brisket Feeds How Many

Curious about how much brisket you need to feed your guests? Here’s a helpful guide! One half pound of brisket will comfortably feed two people.

If you’re serving a larger crowd, or want leftovers, plan on one pound of brisket per person. When shopping for brisket, keep in mind that the average cut weighs between two and four pounds. So, if you’re feeding a group of four, you’ll want to purchase at least a four-pound brisket.

Ready to get cooking? Check out our favorite recipe for smoked beef brisket!

How Much Brisket for 8 Adults


How Many Will a 5 Pound Brisket Feed?

A five pound brisket will feed approximately ten people. The size of the slices will depend on how thick you want them to be, but a good rule of thumb is to plan on each person eating about a half-pound of meat. If you’re serving other dishes alongside the brisket (like potatoes, salad, etc.), then you might want to plan on each person eating closer to a third-pound of meat.

How Many People Will an 8 Lb Brisket Feed?

Assuming you’re talking about an 8 lb. packer brisket (which is the whole brisket, including the point and flat), it will feed 12-16 people. The rule of thumb is 1/2 pound per person, but that really depends on how many other dishes you’re serving and how big your guests are.

If you’re serving this as the main dish with sides, then plan on 12-16 servings. If you’re having a huge barbecue where this is just one of many meat options, then you could probably get away with 8-10 servings. Of course, there’s always leftovers!

So if you want to be safe, plan on feeding 10-12 people with an 8 lb. brisket.

How Much Brisket Do I Need for 9 Adults?

When planning a barbecue, the general rule of thumb is to allow for ½ pound of meat per person. This usually provides enough leftovers for sandwiches or other dishes. However, if you are expecting hearty appetites or want leftovers, you may want to allow for ¾ pound per person.

For 9 adults, this would mean 6-7 pounds of brisket. Of course, the amount of brisket you need will also depend on the size of the cuts you purchase. If you are buying pre-packaged meats, make sure to check the weight so that you can properly plan your quantities.

It is always better to have too much than too little when entertaining!

How Much Does a 10 Lb Brisket Cost?

A ten-pound brisket typically costs around $50. The price of a brisket depends on several factors, including the quality of the meat, the weight of the brisket, and where it is purchased. For example, a higher quality brisket from a specialty butcher shop may cost more than a lower quality brisket from a grocery store.

Additionally, the weight of the brisket can affect its price; generally, larger briskets cost more than smaller ones. Finally, prices for beef vary depending on geographical location; in general, beef is more expensive on the coasts than in the Midwest.


If you’re feeding a group of eight adults and want to include brisket on the menu, you’ll need about four pounds of meat. This will give each person a generous portion of approximately half a pound. Keep in mind that brisket is a relatively fatty cut of meat, so you may want to trim away some of the excess fat before cooking.

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