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How to find electric vs propane turkey fryers comparison. For deep-frying your Thanksgiving turkey, you have two main appliances to tap into. These are the electric and the propane respectively. In our article here entitled electric vs propane turkey fryers, we seek ways of knowing which of the two the better is for you.


Many methods for frying your turkey do abound. However, they are divided into two main categories. These are the oil-based and the oil-free frying methods respectively. For the sake of our illustration here, we are going to tackle the oil-based turkey frying method as it is the most widespread.

Working Method

To use this method to fry your turkey, you will pour some oil into the frying pan. Then you plug the power supply unit in the mains electricity socket and switch the same on. After that, you will leave the oil to heat up for some time, typically, within 5-10 minutes.

Wait for the oil to get completely get hot and burning before dipping the turkey in it. Then, set the maximum temperature and the time you would want the turkey to be fried before switching off altogether. Needless to say, you have to cover the frying pan to prevent accidents and the contamination of the food by the ambient dirt.

Working Process of Electric Turkey Fryer

Construction Material

A typical fryer’s pan is wholly made of stainless steel for three main reasons. For one, this material is greatly resistant to all forms of corrosion and premature damages that may be leveled against the same. Then, it is also tougher and less prone to the risks of premature damages. Lastly, this material is also easier to keep clean as it does not stick to the food.

The electrical components comprise a motherboard, circuit, and a power supply unit. These work interdependently to ensure a smoother flow of the power to the frying pan where it is badly needed. They are the ones that convert the electrical energy to the heating power that subsequently fries your recipes.

Cooking Time

Most deep frying that depends on electrical appliances takes roughly 5-10 minutes to conclude. They also have the added advantage of letting you determine the maximum temperature and the total duration of the frying. That means they put you in firm control of the deep-frying process.


When using the electric fryer, be sure to adhere to the following tips:

  • Cover the food to prevent contaminations and accidents that may arise with the contacts with the oil spills.
  • Do not allow small children and the disabled to get into close contact with the appliances when prepping your foods.
  • Leave the oil to heat up for some time before introducing the recipe you would wish to fry. That will ensure more uniform heating and great results.
  • Refrain from mixing the turkey with the other recipes as that will compromise the flavor of the final deep-frying outcome.
  • Let the frying pan cool completely before proceeding to wash it. Touching a hot pan with bare hands may only serve to scald your hands.


  • Puts you in firm control of the deep frying exercise
  • Cleaner and more convenient to undertake
  • Requires less space to mount and engage


  • Costly on the whole to carry out especially in the long run


The propane fryer, as its name implies, derives its heating and frying power from the propane gas. It is subsequently useful in areas that are cut off from the national grid like camping sites and remote rural areas. We demonstrate how to use the fryer for your turkey recipes in the following segment of our discussions:

Working Method

To leverage the propane fryer to work your recipes, you will have to turn on the gas supply and ignite it using a matchstick. Then, pour some oil into the frying pan segment of the fryer and leave the same to boiling hot. After that, dip the turkey and cover it to boil safely.

From time to time, you will have to open the lid to peek into the turkey and ascertain whether you may need to turn the other side. Go ahead and ‘turn the other side’ to let both sides attain the golden brown color. Turn off the gas supply and leave the turkey in there to enable proper cooking before serving.

Construction Material

The frying pan part of this fryer is similarly made of the stainless steel material for the same reasons as the electric fryer above. This material is tougher, less prone to dents and cleavages, and is also a good conductor of electricity. With it at your fingertips, you may enjoy many spates of cooking with ease.

As for the heating elements, the one for the propane comprises a gas tank, a series of gas pipes, an ignition chamber, and a powerful nozzle. You turn the gas on by rotating a dial and then striking a match at the tip of the nozzle.

Cooking Time

Gas is generally hotter than electricity. That means it takes shorter to give out the necessary outcomes as compared to the electricity fryer counterparts. However, it denies you the opportunity to determine the degree of hotness and the pace of the cooking outcomes you may need to accrue.


When making use of the propane fryer to work your recipes, you may need to stick to these tips:

  • Start with a low volume of gas and graduate gradually to the hottest volumes.
  • Cover the foods you prep to prevent accidental scalds that typically arise at such times.
  • Cordon off the work area to prevent intruders from invading the space and suffering accidents.
  • Avoid using matches and igniters in that area in the course of frying your recipes.
  • Unclog the passages to allow for the smooth passage of the gas all the time.


  • Hotter and subsequently faster than the electric fryers
  • Cheaper to operationalize on the whole
  • Great for use in extremely remote areas


  • Denies you the ability to control the temperature and pace of frying

VERDICT: From our electric vs propane turkey fryers juxtaposition above, one thing stands out. That the electric fryer is mainly useful for indoor frying and applications. The propane fryers on the other hand come in when you want to retreat to a camp or at a location that is cut off from the mainstream.


The choice is now yours to make. Do you want to fry your recipes within the comfort and the confines of ordinary households or rooms? Go for the electric fryer. Alternatively, do you plan to retreat to a faraway location? The propane turkey fryer is yours for the taking. It pays to start your search immediately!


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