Effective 6 Reasons Why Commercial Dishwashers Are Essential For Your Restaurant

You’re doing it all wrong if you’re running a restaurant without using a commercial dishwasher. Dishwashers make a world of difference when it comes to efficiency, speed, value for money, and industry safety protocols. Today’s top businesses no longer rely on manpower for the cleaning of dishes, they now all rely on top-grade dishwashers.

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The following are the main reasons why you should be using a commercial dishwasher for your restaurant:

1. Outstanding Speed and Turnover Even During Peak Hours

Can you serve food on time during peak hours? Having enough dishes and glassware should never be a cause of delay if you want your customers to keep coming back and for your restaurant to grow. With a commercial dishwasher, you’d always have ready dishes and glassware. You and your crew won’t have to worry about running out and waiting for other customers to finish before serving incoming customers.

If you have a commercial dishwasher, you can always be sure that you’d always have sparkling clean dishes and glassware at all times. You won’t experience any kind of delay whatsoever. You won’t have to make your customers wait longer than they need to.

2. 100% Efficiency

Dishwashers can wash massive amounts of plates, glasses, and utensils in one go. It is 800% more efficient compared to manual dishwashing. With a commercial dishwasher, your crew and staff would have more time to focus on truly important tasks. No one needs to spend hours after hours just cleaning and drying plates, glassware, and utensils.

The only thing that they’d need to do is simply set up the dishwasher and they’re good to go. When the commercial dishwasher is done with all the cleaning, they simply have to take the dishes out. So much time and energy are saved and efficiently used.

3. Time-saving benefits!

Why would you have three manpower dedicated time and effort in washing dishes hour after hour when you can have one commercial dishwasher do all the work in one go? Manual dishwashers are extra slow and inclined to commit mistakes. Some can miss out on spots while some can even break glassware. Why deal with all that when you can have a commercial dishwasher that can do everything flawlessly in no time.

With commercial dishwashers, you won’t have to experience any kind of delay as you will always have clean pots and pans at all times. Your staff won’t need to dedicate time and effort to cleaning anything and waiting for pots, pans, and tools to be cleaned. You can simply check out leading commercial dishwasher suppliers to see just how efficient it will be for you, your staff, and your restaurant if you’d opt to have one. Time is money and you will get so much of both (time and money) if you’d have a commercial dishwasher.

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4. Food safety.

Food safety is always a top priority for all restaurant owners. Having a top-grade commercial dishwasher is the best way to secure it. Commercial dishwashers can be easily set to follow strict food safety regulations mandated by your State. It’s easy to have it calibrated to its most efficient setting to ensure that all dishes are cleaned and fully sanitized.

Each state requires different safety protocols and all commercial dishwashers can be easily set to follow suit. If you have a top-grade commercial dishwasher as part of your daily workflow, you will never have to worry about the safety of your customers. You can be sure that all the dishes, glassware, and utensils are supremely safe at all times. You can also be certain that all your served food and drinks are served in sanitized dishware.

5. Value for Money

You would save so much from labor costs if you’d opt to have a commercial dishwasher. With one, you won’t have to hire extra manpower for dishwashing alone. You also won’t have to pay additional hours to your current staff and crew whenever they would spend work hours just cleaning dishes after dishes. Buying one can cost you money but you’d end up saving in the long run as you will no longer need to pay for manual labor. All your staff and crew can solely focus on their original tasks.

6. Customer Satisfaction

Having a commercial dishwasher will ensure that your restaurant will always have a good reputation among customers. A restaurant is not just paid for the food that it serves but also for its service and excellent level of hygiene. A commercial dishwasher will allow you, your staff, and your crew to always be hygienic at all times.

The cleaner your restaurant is (most especially your dishes and glassware) the more following you’d get. People never forget their bad experiences when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene in restaurants. You wouldn’t even want to be branded as that one restaurant with greasy dishes, won’t you? To avoid all that, have a commercial dishwasher. It will ensure that all your dishware is fully sanitized and safe for use at all times. It will give you supreme peace of mind.

It’s Time to Have a Commercial Dishwasher

Level up your restaurant’s growth now. Invest in a commercial dishwasher that can seamlessly help you save so much time, money, and energy. With one, you never have to worry if your dishes are clean at all times. Commercial dishwashers will always efficiently get the job done.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What size dishwasher do you need?
Ans. Depend on the restaurant size and how many people gather per day for food. The needs of commercial dishwasher increase the confidence of serving sanitized dishes.
Q. What Types of dishwashers do you need?
Ans. A medium-sized commercial kitchen door type, conveyor or an under counter dishwasher will be great.
Q. What is the best way to wash glasses?
Ans. In big commercial kitchen owner must buy both dish washer and glass washer for serving sparkling glasses. For medium or small kitchen owner may not prefer to by one. There glasses are soke into tub water full of liquid dishwasher.
Q. What are the benefits of dishwasher cleaning units?
Ans. Dishwasher provoke sparkling clean dishware with rapid self-drying function and cleaning unites perfectly remove food residue. Serve food with shiny crocarise is very important because owner don’t want to loss it’s restaurant fame.
Q. What are the best dishwashing chemicals?
Ans. Whatever chemical can be use for dishwash but keep in mind the chemical should be effective and affordable. Some other restaurant owner suggestion can be taken.
Q. How do I wash my utensils?
Ans. Personal hygiene is the first priority to wash your utensil.
Q. What is the manual labor involved?
Ans. The only manual labor which would be needed is taking the dishes out of the machine once they’ve been thoroughly washed.
Q. Why invest in a commercial dishwasher?
Ans. Commercial dish washers are able to clean large amount of dirty dishes in short time rather than hand wash.
Q. How much energy will a dishwasher use?
Ans. 115V to 460V electric power use most ware washer.
Q. What are the Advantages of a Conveyor System?
Ans. Conveyor machines are able to clean huge amount of dish wash per day.
Q. What is the Temperature Requirements?
Ans. The FDA requires any surface that comes in contact with food to be heated to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (48.89 °C)
Q. What are the benefits of using a low-temperature dishwasher?
Ans. Low temperature dishwasher protect the damage to ceramic or glass ware.
Q. What are the factors to consider when selecting a dishwasher for restaurants?
Ans. Type, capacity, features, energy source, and maintenance these important factors to keep in mind when selecting a dish washer.
Q. What Types of dishwashers are available?
Ans. There are two types of dishwasher, 1. High temperature 2. Low temperature
Q. What Under counter dishwashers are available?
Ans. find an under-counter dishwasher model
Q. What is the best dishwasher for high-volume kitchens?
Ans. Conveyor dishwasher ideal for high-volume kitchens.
Q. What type of dishwasher is best for your kitchen?
Ans. Small commercial dishwasher, an under-counter model is ideal for home use.

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