How To Clean Hurom Slow Juicer?12 Actionable Step By Step Guide

Imagine you have a hurom slow juicer & the mango shake or guava juice on a hot summer day! Strawberry juice can also be a better option. It always sounds lovely to drink your own homemade by you. Fruit juices have very great importance. As well, vegetable juices also become very important for human health.

First, you have to pick a good juicer brand. Hurom juicers Company has earned its positive image. If you want to enjoy a fair shake at your home, you must know how to clean hurom slow juicer?

Here, in this guide, I’ll tell you how to clean your hurom juicer?

How to Clean Hurom Slow Juicer?

how to clean stains of hurom hp slow juicer

You must know that after extracting juice, the small particles remain on the walls of the juicer. The particles remain on the border of hurom slow juicer. These particles are the best spots for bacteria. These bacteria are very hazardous to health. It would be best if you were very concerned about you and your family’s health.

If you do not know how to clean hurom slow juicer? Then the following steps are explained very well. These steps describe the process of cleaning the best hurom slow juicer.

The steps sre as Followed:

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  • First, you have to start cleaning your juicer by cutting the power source. This step can keep you safe from dangerous electric shock.
  • In the next step, uninstall the different parts of the hurom slow juicer. This process is a crucial step for thoroughly cleaning the juicer. If you do not know how to uninstall the components, then you should research dismantling the juicer.
  • Keep all the parts of the juicer separately.
  • Make sure every part of the juicer is thoroughly cleaned. You have to make sure that all the hidden areas of the juicer are clean.
  • Take the liquid detergent and mix it with clean water. The solution will be right for cleaning the hurom slow juicer parts.
  • Then wash all the juicer parts thoroughly with the solution.
  • After washing the juicer parts, take out all remaining pulp. Then dump the remaining pulp in the bin.
  • When you remove all the remaining pulp, wash all the parts of hurom slow juicer under the flowing water.
  • If you find such areas where your fingers cannot reach, you have to take a small brush. The small brush will reach out the hidden spots. This step will become easy for you to clean remote parts of hurom slow juicer.
  • If all these steps, you are not satisfied. Then fill your entire sink with water and soap. Now submerge all the separate juicer parts into the sink. The water in the sink will make lose all the dirt. Make sure that parts of the juicer will keep the juicer parts in the sink for half an hour.
  • Get a washcloth, or you also can use a scrubber and wash the juicer parts. This process will remove all heavy stains of fruits and vegetables. If the colours do not remove then sink the pieces again for more time.
  • You have to be a bit conscious about the sieve of your hurom slow juicer. If the small particles of the fruits and vegetables are stuck in a sieve, this will become very difficult to remove.
  • Start washing liquidizer juicer parts. After soaking the juicer parts now start wiping the juicer machine with a moist cloth. You have to clean the juicer machine until every piece becomes ultra-clean.
  • Now you have to let your hurom slow juicer parts dry off thoroughly. You can dry these parts with any dry towel.
  • Now, after all these steps, install all the juicer parts together.You have done a great job today. Now your juicer machine is all set for making delicious juice and shake.


Cleaning Tough Stains on Hurom HP Slow Juicer

If you did not pay enough attention to your juicer and the stains on the juicer become dry. Then it will become a challenging task to clean the hard stains from your hurom slow juicer. Follow the procedures mentioned below. This procedure will ease the cleaning process.

You’ll require:

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  • Milk
  • Vinegar
  • Dish liquid
  • A good size bowl
  • A spraying bottle
  • Some salt


The Steps Are Followed For Tough Stains

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  • As always, first cut the power source.
  • Now detach the hurom slow juicer parts. Then do the steps as mentioned earlier. But you must know this time you will not utilize simple water. You have to use a special dish liquid. This particular dish liquid will remove all hard stains thoroughly.
  • After cleaning all parts of the juicer, let the pieces with stains fall into the empty sink.
  • Now dip the parts which have stains and put some special tablets. And soak the juicer parts for a long time.
  • If stains do not remove, you have to use a solution of milk and vinegar as mentioned above.
  • Now submerged the parts with stains into the solution of milk and vinegar. The resolution of milk and vinegar will work effectively. As you will see the hard colours also will vanish.
  • Now, your juicer is all ready for making juice and shake.



There are a lot of discussions on the websites about how to clean hurom slow juicer? But if you keep your hurom slow juicer clean regularly, then you will not need any research to clean your juicer machine. When you are going to buy a hurom slow juicer, you must know the cleaning process. Do not soak the machinery part of your hurom juicer in water. If you read the above steps, then you can clean hurom slow juicer very well. That’s why the majority of people select hurom appliances.


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