Best Turkey Fryers 2020– What To Look For In Turkey Fryers?

The turkey is such a nice food that offers real delicacy for all those who love the flesh of fowl. The traditional method of cooking turkey involves deep frying that gives you a crispy, golden outer skin while the inside flesh remains moist. Best turkey fryers has been designed just for this job. It cooks the turkey fast with little work involved on the side of the chef as this unit has been designed to do almost all the things that the chef would have done when using the traditional deep frying methods.

Professional turkey cooking is more than just tossing the chicken wings or turkey wings into your turkey fryer. There are some aspects that have to be put in to consideration before you set out to buy a turkey fryer that will give you the best desired results. As we review some of the best turkey fryers in the market, it’s worth noting that some of the specifically desired units that have not disappointed users include the Waring Pro TF200 Masterbuilt Butterball XL and Bayou Classic Cooking TFK2.

What to Look For In Turkey Fryers

Each and every turkey fryer does come with their accessories, features and specifications. The main distinctive features to look for depend on,

  • How you want to prepare your turkey?
  • Where you want this work to be done from?
  • Do you want your fowl to be prepared in oil or oil less?

The next thing to look at is whether you want to use your device to do cooking outdoors or indoors. Where you want to use your machine will highly determine the machine you need to go for. If you buy a machine that’s designed to be used indoors yet you contemplate using it outdoors, you may end up with poor results or even reducing the span of your device.

Features You Must Look For in a Turkey Fryer:

One of the greatest features to look at is the size of the turkey fryer. If you are looking for a fryer to use at home, then you can go for the small units. However, if you feel you need a fryer that can be used in your restaurant or in parties, then you will need to go for bigger units. In a nutshell, whatever the size of turkey you are planning to be preparing in the turkey fryer should dictate the size of unit you want to go for.

Digital control systems are also built in other fryers while others do not have such systems. One of the most important aspects of a digital system is the thermostat. The thermostats are designed to be used in regulating the temperatures of the fryer within the pre-set temperatures. This is the accessory that ensures that your unit does not overheat hence posing a challenge to the user.

Timers are also factored in the digital control systems. These timers are just meant to simplify the cooking process. You can at least attend to your other errands without the fear of leaving your turkey to overcook or to burn. By just setting, the time you want your food to prepare, leave the unit to do its work as you go for your other activities. The unit will go off by itself after this duration of time is over.

Going for a unit that’s easy to cleanup is yet another plus on to your side. There are units that have spigots or rather drainage system that helps in oil drainage hence making the cleanup process to be easy. It’s worth noting that cleaning units that use oil is not easy. This means that if you buy a unit that can’t control the oil mess-up then it will always be a tall order for you to clean the fryer. You need not to be stressed up after enjoying your delicacy. With a unit that has got a drainage system, the whole cooking, eating and cleanup process will be a delight.

8 Of the Best Turkey Fryers Reviewed 2017

Having said and understood all these, it is important you know some of the best selling turkey fryers especially in the year 2016 so that you can have a clue of what people love and what you can consider going for. The best turkey fryer reviews 2016 factors in the features of the fryers in the market, the ones that people are buying the most as well as those that many are talking positively about. It is worth noting that this is just a guide to help you with what you can choose when you want to buy a given fryer. However, doing more detailed studies and research about the same subject is of great importance on your side. Reviews, testimonials, referrals among others will guide you on what to choose and what to avoid. Below is a review of 8 among the best selling Turkey Fryers in 2016.

​Bayou’s 32-Quart Classic 1118 Turkey Fryer

best turkey fryer

The Bayou’s 32-Quart Classic 1118 Turkey Fryer is one of the Bayou models that you cannot regret having for outdoor turkey frying activities. This unit is listed among the very prestigious turkey frying units. In real sense, it is not only used for frying turkey but can also be used in chicken preparation among other fowls and fish. Coming with a large capacity of 32 quarts, the model offers the user the utmost convenience by making the frying process easy and fast.

It also offers the user versatility as it is able of steaming, boiling and frying turkey, other fowls, fish, seafood, French fries, vegetables among many other types of foods making it to be an all in one device that one can marvel about. It also features cooking components that are made of stainless steel thereby adding a nice aesthetic appeal in addition to the convenience when it comes to performance and cleanup. In addition to that, the vented lid together with the heavy duty handles to offer stability thereby making the unit to be a real catch. Rest assured that you will enjoy delicious turkey and other foul that has been cooked to the optimum. The desired crispy and brown looking skin and the moist inside are all guaranteed when you use the Bayou’s 32-Quart Classic 1118 Turkey Fryer for cooking.

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Cajun’s Electric Injector Turkey Fryer


The Cajun’s Electric Injector Turkey Fryer is an advanced electric turkey frying appliance that offers the perfect repast of chicken, turkey among other foods. The model boasts of an aluminum bailing basket together with contemporary draining system that is easily adjustable. Its interior is vast, having the ability to accommodate up to 14 pounds of turkey thereby making it a catch for those who need a relatively big unit for a medium sized target group.

The device is so versatile being able to not only prepare turkey but also other fowls as well as seafood. It is among the digital units that you will love investing on as it has an auto shut off feature that guarantees safety. This ensures that burning, overcooking etc is prevented and the stainless steel heating element is also not overheated and destroyed. The Cajun’s Electric Injector Turkey Fryer is one of the best units that are recommended for those who want to do either outdoor or indoor cooking. You don’t need to worry of air contamination when you are using it indoors.

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​Brinkman’s 815-4001-S Turkey Fryer

turkey fryer reviews

The Brinkman’s 815-4001-S Turkey Fryer is a unit that will accord the user very convenient yet simple outdoor cooking. Its portability is the first feature to affirm this as it weighs only 23 pounds hence allowing the user to easily carry it to wherever they want it to be. The unit has got its major components being a gas stove, a 45000 BTUs burner made of cast iron, a 30 quart stockpot made of quality aluminum together with a stainless thermometer, an overheating sensor and a one ounce seasoning injector. If you want a convenient outdoor turkey fryer, then this is absolutely one of the units you should consider.

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Masterbuilt 20100809 Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer and Roaster


The Butterball’s Oil Free Fryer/Roaster is among the best turkey fryers that have ever been invented in the market today. The convenience and efficiency associated with this unit can’t be compared with any other. This is a great alternative to the oil cooking fryers that are less healthy and risky when cooking. In fact, the oil turkey frying method can be defined as risky. Risky to your health and risky during cooking as you can easily be burnt by oil while at the same time the oil can cause fire. The latter can cause death, injury and loss of property. In extreme cases, the entire house can be brought down to ashes. The oil less cooking is therefore a healthy alternative.

The unit is driven by electricity with powerful ratings of 1,650 watts and is able to cook up to around 18 pounds of turkey or chicken. It measures 18 width x 23.2 lengths x 26.2 height in inches and comes with a 90 day warranty. Other features include the removable drip pan that’s at the bottom of the fryer together with built in wood chip box. When you need a high performance, unique, efficient and reliable unit that guarantees you a healthy turkey or chicken frying method, then the Butterball’s Oil Free Fryer/Roaster is your perfect choice of a fryer. Whether you want to be preparing pot-luck or food to be freeze for future consumption, this is the unit to beat.

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Bayou Classic 1195 Stainless-Steel 32-Quart Turkey-Fryer Kit


The Bayou Classic 1195 Stainless-Steel 32-Quart Turkey-Fryer Kit is a unique machine both as far as appearance is concerned and also when it comes to performance and service delivery. If your frying demands are outdoor related and you desire to get a high quality unit that gives you the best results, then this is the unit you need not to fail to own. This is truly a high quality outdoor cooking product. The Bayou Classic 1195 Stainless-Steel 32-Quart Turkey-Fryer Kit is just the traditional Bayou Classic Outdoor Cooking Kit that has been designed with refined polished stainless steel.

Within as little as 45 minutes, you will be able to fry your turkey to your desired tastes. In addition, the unit is also able to fry up to 3 chickens within just 20 minutes. The unit features a perforated basket that is 1.75 inches raised above the bottom surface thereby being efficient in boiling and steaming of crawfish, seafood, corn, clams and vegetables among other foods. It also has an outdoor stainless steel gas burner, 10 PSI regulator and a welded stainless steel frame. It also comes with a thermometer, a 32 quart stockpot together with a perforated poultry rack that has a grab hook.

The unit measures approximately 16 inches length, 16 inches width and 31 inches height with the ability to fry up to 25 pounds of turkey. This makes it the best unit for crowded cooking among others. For guaranteed efficiency, delicacy and reliability, the Bayou Classic 1195 Stainless-Steel 32-Quart Turkey-Fryer Kit will surely never disappoint you.

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Waring Pro TF200 Professional Rotisserie Turkey Fryer/Steamer


The Waring Pro TF200 Professional Rotisserie Turkey Fryer/Steamer is the best unit you will need for a thanksgiving function, a pot-luck event, a crowded celebration among others. This is because of the capacity that the unit is able to hold and the little time needed to cook your turkey. With a capacity of 18 pounds, you will be able to fry your turkey within just an hour. The rotisserie function of the unit which alternates direction of the food being cooked is the secret behind the successful results associated with the unit. The alternating function turns the turkey in the cooking chamber thereby leading to even cooking of the food. In addition to the proper cooking, the unit ensures that all the natural juices are retained inside the food being cooked.

As far as life is concerned, efficiency is one of the most considered factors. Efficiency ensures that one is able to save resources such as time and others such as energy. In the case of this turkey fryer, efficiency is an important factor that makes it unique from other conventional units as it is able to fry your turkey while using just two thirds of the oil used by its conventional counterparts. To deep fry all your favorite forms of foods such as French fries, chicken wings as well as onion rings among others, just remove the rotisserie and you are set to go. The reason why you must have this unit is because you can fill the stainless steel gallon reservoir with water and then opt to steam your food rather than frying it.

Its features include a heating element that’s superior and 1,800 watt driven, a vented stainless steel lid that ensures the prepared foods are kept crispy, power &ready indicating lights together with a 120 minute timer, all meant to give the user perfect and reliable results. The unit cooks at the rate of approximately 3.5 minutes/pound, has a 2.5 gallon reservoir made of stainless steel and comes with a five year motor warranty.

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Masterbuilt 23011114 Butterball Indoor Gen III Electric Fryer Cooker Extra Large Capacity


The Masterbuilt 23011114 Butterball Indoor Gen III Electric Fryer Cooker comes with an extra large capacity making it able to cook large volumes of turkey or chicken up to about 20 pounds. This makes it to be one of the most favorite unites for use in crowd cooking. It is a fact that every turkey eater likes the taste of a fried turkey.

There is no dispute about this subject. The fires that are associated with turkey frying can really discourage many from investing in such units and this best turkey cooking system as far as taste is concerned. You obviously don’t want to be among those whose story will be told that their house burnt as a result of turkey cooking. The safety of the Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer is guaranteed, especially by the fact that it has been certified to operate indoors on countertops. It has been engineered to keep you and your property safe from destruction by fire.

Designed with a long lasting and aesthetically appealing stainless steel chamber, the unit is also coated in the inner side with porcelain. These do not only make the unit to be appealing to the eyes but to also safely contain oil within the cooking chamber to ensure it doesn’t spill out. Oil spill outs result into destructive fires as well as difficulty in cleanups. On the side of economy, the unit is designed to use a whopping 33% less oil in comparison with other conventional fryers.

This is both economical as well as health friendly as you will consume less oil in your body when compared to what those cooking with the other machines will consume. In addition to the fryers, the unit also includes marinades together with spices among other cooking accessories to be used in the preparation of your best turkey delicacy. Safety, delicacy, reliability and efficiency are all guaranteed by the use of the Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer.

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Best Bang for Your Buck- Char-Broil the Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-less Turkey Fryer


The Char-Broil the Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-less Turkey Fryer is truly the best bang for you. It is very efficient indeed and offers the best results. The best results in the sense that the unit does oil less cooking thereby being health conscious to you as well as reducing the risks of fire breakouts that can at times be catastrophic. The features of the unit speak for themselves. This is absolutely a must have turkey fryer for anyone who can afford it.

The Char-Broil the Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-less Turkey Fryer assures you of a stress free and hassle free turkey preparation time. The unit assures you of no hot oil that needs to be purchased, drained, disposed off… but at the same time guarantees you a very nice delicacy. Foods that are cooked without oil are obviously healthier. It is therefore worth spending your money on this unit. The time taken to prepare the food is the same as the time used to prepare turkey using the oil devices. By the use of infrared technology, your turkey will be cooked from beginning to the end. The double walled cooking chamber of this propane powered unit also ensures that your flesh is evenly cooked from inside to outside, something that is not guaranteed by the traditional cooking methods.

The infrared heat technology of the Char-Broil’s eliminates the cold and hot spots, prevents flare-ups and delivers crisp, flavorful and juicy results whenever you use it. It safely cooks chicken or turkey up to 16 pounds within just 10 minutes per pound. Large meat cuts and roasts may take a little longer to cook. The cooker ensures that you get your desired result which is a moist inside flesh and a crispy skin.

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Specifications of Char-Broil Turkey Fryer:

The infrared heat technology of the Char-Broil’s eliminates the cold and hot spots, prevents flare-ups and delivers crisp, flavorful and juicy results whenever you use it. It safely cooks chicken or turkey up to 16 pounds within just 10 minutes per pound. Large meat cuts and roasts may take a little longer to cook. The cooker ensures that you get your desired result which is a moist inside flesh and a crispy skin.

Types of Turkey Fryers Based on it’s Uses

Oil or Oil-Less:

Cooking turkey needs a lot of oil. When you are doing outdoor cooking, you will need approximately three gallons of oil to prepare your turkey. This is quite a lot of oil that needs to be handled with lots of care. If your cooker is either overheated, overfilled or the turkey is not thawed well, you risk having bad experiences during your cooking time.

Oil can easily spill out of the cooker and in to the fire thereby causing a flame that makes work difficult on your side. Modern turkey fryers are however well designed to give you standard temperatures that range between 350 and 375 degrees Celsius thereby reducing the risks of overheating.

Cooking turkey with oil gives the best results both in terms of appearance and taste. The skin of the turkey will look crispy and the cooking will be faster saving your time. However, there are those who may have reservations about this subject. For instance, cleaning a cooker that uses lots of oil is always a tall order and aesthetic appeal may be compromised in many cases.In addition, it is evident that eating deep fried foods are dangerous to health since carcinogens are generated and cholesterol added in to the body. These two leads to cancer and cardiovascular diseases, the second most and the number one causes of death in the world.

On the other hand, oil-less turkey cooking units are safer than the fryers that use oil in cooking. These units pose less challenges and risks during cooking and also have lesser health risks as the amount of oils taken in to the body are highly reduced. However, those who are used to the crispy oil cooked turkey will find the oil-less turkey to be less desirable. It is worth noting that if this oil less units is worth investing on due to the few risks associated with it in comparison with the oil based machines together with the traditional turkey cooking devices.

Indoor or Outdoor Turkey Fryer:

It is important to consider whether you want to use the unit outdoors or if it is safe to use the unit when doing indoor cooking. Some units are propane powered and cannot be used with safety indoors. These units are used for cooking in the open air so that you can reduce the risks of contaminating the air hence posing a risk to your lives. On the case of indoor cookers, we have fryers that have been designed to sit on countertops and can use electricity to run.

The outdoor ones, as mentioned above, use propane, charcoal among other forms of energy. The place and season when you cook your turkey also determines the duration of time taken to cook your delicacy. For instance, in warm seasons or regions, the time taken to fry your turkey will always be longer than in cool areas and cold seasons.


Having an origin from the southern United States, turkey frying has now become popular in all the other corners of the world. There are a number of turkey cooking methods today. However, regardless of the cooking method you choose, a turkey fryer will be able to give you that desired crispy, crunchy and brown skin appearance that you desire to get in any turkey delicacy. Just master the art of turkey fryers, their features and accessories before you spend your money in buying a given unit.Visit Here more more electric turkey fryer review.

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