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About Amy Erickson

Hi! I'm Amy, the recipe creating, sticky fingered photo taker of the food blog “OH, Bite It” where I create fun & unique kitchen creations! I am not a trained Chef, and I don’t take food too seriously.I just find it fun to keep things interesting in the kitchen! Experimenting and being creative in the kitchen is a blast because I’m never afraid of a recipe fail…I mean, 99% of the time there’s always someone…somewhere, that will eat it, true story!

Boston Cream Cheesecake with Nilla Wafer Crust!

I have a serious obsession with Boston Cream.  If it has Chocolate, and a thick, rich creamy component..I’m happy!  You can add that combo to almost anything and I will be smiling from ear to ear!  So, I’m always looking for ways to transform anything I can think of  intoRead more ››

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Mashed Potato Bacon Bombs

  So there I was, with like 50 pounds of Mashed Potatoes leftover from one family dinner (typical me).  Well, maybe it wasn’t quite 50 pounds, but pretty darn close, or at least it seemed like it…lol!  And even though I was drowning in Mashed Potatoes, I just couldn’t throwRead more ››

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